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"Beyond the Lies tells a poignant story of a woman in terms that we can all understand, and many can identify with today.  Tracking Gloria through her life, viewing things through her eyes, and counting the consequences is done with care and skill.  The reader is drawn in to the story, experiences the frustration, and learns to care what happens to her.  The trick is trying to get Beyond the Lies to the truth, and then be able to live within its parameters.  That is Gloria’s challenge, and you are invited along for the ride."  Reviewed by Rosemarie Brungard, Heartstrings & Romance @ Heart
HOLE IN HER HEART has taken first place in this reviewer’s top reads of 2004. This novel grabbed her heart and attention from page one, and never stopped flowing in her mind. Once the book was put down, she could not stop wondering "what next" and waiting for time to grab just a few minutes to read "one more chapter."

 Reviewed by Angie, Love Romances


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Unravelings This is an anthology of mystery and horror stories in the tradition of those wonderful old Alfred Hitchcock books where dark crime and supernatural stories sit comfortably side by side...~Cemetery Dance Review

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Carolyn Russell

A native of Indiana, Carolyn lived in Michigan, Illinois, and South Carolina before she retired and moved to Missouri to be closer to her grandchildren. She graduated from Ball State University where she also received a master’s degree in student personnel administration in higher education. Carolyn taught special education at the junior/senior high level before moving into academia. Officially, she’s retired, but she works part-time at the local library in Poplar Bluff. Her duties include writing a column bi-weekly for the local newspaper. Writing has always been part of her life, but it was her dear friend and former colleague, David Silberstein, who convinced her that she had a flair for fiction. Carolyn travels often to visit with her five children when she isn’t writing. Her hobbies include tennis, reading--especially mysteries, and travel.

News:  Carolyn recently signed a contract with Publish America for publication of HOLE IN HER HEART.  Look for it sometime in 2004.


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Barbara L. Woodward, Romance Author

Susan R Sweet, Mystery Romance Author

Lonnie Cruse, Mystery Romance Author

Ginger Simpson, Humor, Historical & Time Travel Romance

Jennifer Wardrip

June Avila

Lynnette Baughman

Leanne L. Burroughs

Rhyannon Byrd

Deb Curwen

Allene Frances

Sharon K. Garner

Lydia Hawke

Sharleen Johnson

Barbara Karmazin

Adrianne Lee

Lori Libby



Judy Mays

BJ McCall

Kelly McDonough

Katherine McGibbons

Erin Moore

Alice Orr

Judy Leigh Peters

Judi Phillips

Sara Powell

Melody Scott

Ginger Simpson

Dominique Sinclair

Pepper St. Claire

Elizabeth Stewart

Jewel Stone

Susan R. Sweet

Violet Towe

Pat Worley

Susan Yarina


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The Charlotte Austin Review

No longer accept directly from author. Publishers/publicists may forward review copies or ARC’s accompanied by press releases to this address:

Charlotte Austin

3850 Sheppard Avenue East

Toronto, Ontario



Blurb Reviews

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Denise’s Pieces

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Lisa Ramaglia
Scribes World, Owner


format is variable--printed galley, printed book, edited file, ebook.

Eva Almeida, Publisher of eBook Reviews Weekly

ebooks via attachment

Timeless Tales Book Reviews

See Web site for guidelines

My Shelf Suzie Housley


Romance at Heart/PR Admin.

Galleys, ARC’s

Rose Brungard

1 East Manor Avenue (rear)

Enola, PA 17025-2822


In the Library Review

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See Web site for submission guidelines

Romance junkies



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Best Reviews

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The Romance Studio

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