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"Beyond the Lies tells a poignant story of a woman in terms that we can all understand, and many can identify with today.  Tracking Gloria through her life, viewing things through her eyes, and counting the consequences is done with care and skill.  The reader is drawn in to the story, experiences the frustration, and learns to care what happens to her.  The trick is trying to get Beyond the Lies to the truth, and then be able to live within its parameters.  That is Gloria’s challenge, and you are invited along for the ride."  Reviewed by Rosemarie Brungard, Heartstrings & Romance @ Heart
HOLE IN HER HEART has taken first place in this reviewer’s top reads of 2004. This novel grabbed her heart and attention from page one, and never stopped flowing in her mind. Once the book was put down, she could not stop wondering "what next" and waiting for time to grab just a few minutes to read "one more chapter."

 Reviewed by Angie, Love Romances


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Unravelings This is an anthology of mystery and horror stories in the tradition of those wonderful old Alfred Hitchcock books where dark crime and supernatural stories sit comfortably side by side...~Cemetery Dance Review

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Hole in Her Heart

When Midwestern Julie Mitchell falls in love with Specialist 1st Class Rick Danbury in 1955, she is twenty—not old enough to play with the “big kids.” At twenty-one, Rick, a southern playboy, is one of the “big kids.” Without warning, Rick elopes with an older woman. Devastated, Julie should have forgotten him, but nobody told her how to stop loving someone.

Twenty five years later, Julie, a recent widow, begins to search for the only man she truly loved. Over the next sixteen years her search, which takes her to the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico, is fraught with one bizarre twist after another, drawing her into a fascinating psychological maze with a surprising outcome. HOLE IN HER HEART is not your usual love story. 

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Paperback ISBN: 1413724035


Horrified? Mystified? You will be … with this collection of 28 horror and mystery stories from the masters of the macabre!

Get chills and thrills from Nick Aires, Nick Andreychuk, June Avila, Michele R. Bardsley, Margaret L. Carter, Lawrence Crossett, Frances Evlin, Sharon K. Garner, Robert L. Hecker, Linda Hope Lee, Carrie S. Masek, L. B. Milano, Carolyn Russell, Terry Sheils, Eolake Stobblehouse, Jeff Strand, and C. J. Winters.

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Beyond the Lies

by Carolyn Russell

Gloria Miles lives a lie woven by insecure parents unable to admit Gloria isn’t theirs. As she searches for her true identity, those who profess their love for Gloria practice their own brand of deceit. Can she get beyond the lies when true love comes into her life?

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E-ISBN: 1-59088-258-X

POD-ISBN: 1-59088-791-3



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